Planning a wedding is a special and exciting time. If you would like a Christian marriage ceremony in a beautiful, historic building please enquire via the office. 


Baptism is sign of God’s kindness to us in Jesus that he would commit himself to being our God and invite us to be his people. It is a special occasion in the life of our church family when a believer or their children are baptised. If you would like to make an enquiry about baptism contact the office. 

Funerals, Internments, and Bereavements

The loss of a loved one is a supremely difficult time. Jesus himself wept in the face of the death of his close friend.  The Bible calls us to mourn with those who mourn, and look hopefully towards the day when those who ‘sleep’ in Christ will join him in resurrection.

If you would like support in your bereavement, perhaps including a funeral service, or would like to enquire about interments in the Church grave yard, please contact the church office. 

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