Small Groups

Our small groups are a crucial part of our church life, and one of the best  ways to grow as a Christian (or explorer of Christianity). They’re all about sharing our lives as we read the bible and pray together. So we also find that our small groups are one of the best ways to get connected with other people.

Groups meet in people’s homes on various week days and nights throughout the week. We aim to have a group that will suit everyone.

Stephen Gardner
Senior Minister

When do they meet?

Weds 7:00pm, Campsie
Weds 7:30pm, Canterbury
Weds 7:30pm, Canterbury (Family Group)
Thurs 7:30pm, Strathfield
Thurs 7:30pm, Canterbury
Thurs 9:30am, Canterbury (Mum’s Group)
Friday 10:30am, Canterbury (Men’s Group)

Where do they meet?

Canterbury & Campsie

What's there for kids?

The Family Group and the Mum’s Group are Kid-Friendly. Contact us for more info.

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