FREE Parenting Seminars

Our parenting seminars are on again this June and July. The seminars are free but we encourage you to register early to ensure a seat. See below for more information.

What Lies Beneath - June 18th, 7:30pm

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How coaching a child's emotions can lead to a more empathetic, socially intuitive and resilient little human.

This seminar will help parents and caregivers of young children and teenagers in the practical skills of emotion coaching to enable our children to: understand their emotions; manage them in more healthy ways; and desire problem solving over meltdowns. 

Gillian Davis has over 20 years experience working with tweens and teens. During that time she has also worked as a consultant in government and private schools. 
Gill’s current work is with Anglicare Sydney, consulting on the development and delivery of community educational programs in areas of mental health, parenting, and relationships.
Gill is married to Brett, they have three delightful adult children and enjoy living as ‘open nesters’ rather than ‘empty nesters’, exemplified by recently becoming foster careers for a 16 year old boy. Gill loves any food she hasn’t cooked, reading copious amount of history, great films and the multitudes of people who grace her home.

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The Invisible Backpack - June 25th, 7:30pm


A parent’s guide to the unseen challenges of being a teenager.

John Burns has been a Clinical Psychologist for 20 years in a school of over 1600 students in Sydney. His primary interest is in the early detection of and intervention with young people with mental health difficulties. Current convenor of the Australian Psychological Society’s Psychologists in Schools Interest Group and an Adjunct Supervisor in the Clinical Psychology program at Macquarie University. He is married with 3 children.

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Caring for the Whole Child - July 2nd, 7:30pm

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How to nurture a healthy spiritual life in your children. 

Mike Dicker has worked with young people for over 20 years as a childrens' and youth pastor in Sydney's Inner West. He now works as the Dean of Students at Youthworks College, Sydney.  He is passionate about helping young people developing a healthy spiritual life. Mike and Fi have three children, Evie, Josie and Benji.

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